Student Advocate Services

Student Advocate Services provides assistance to students who have been accused of or charged with violating the Student Conduct Code, University housing policy, or other academic or conduct policies. 

This includes:

  • Scholastic misconduct (cheating, plagiarism, honor code violations)
  • Behavioral misconduct (e.g. drugs, underage drinking, disorderly conduct, theft, threats)
  • Sexual misconduct or Title IX violations (sexual assault, sexual harassment, stalking)

An Advocate can help you with:

  • Understanding the disciplinary process and the accusations against you
  • Accompanying you to disciplinary or investigatory meetings
  • Resolving your case informally
  • Presenting at the disciplinary hearing
  • Appealing the hearing panel’s decision

For graduate or professional students facing dismissal or other hearings for academic standing, such as COSSS at the Medical School, an Advocate can help you through the process.

Advocate services are free of charge for fees-paying students.

Contacting Student Advocate Services

If you need assistance from an Advocate, then please contact Student Advocate Services.

By Phone: 612-624-1760

Online: Contact Form